Facultad de Enfermería

The principal mission of the nursing delegation of students is to defend and represent all the nursing students at the public University of Murcia, and at the same time to promote coexistence and solidarity among all the students of this discipline. The organization of cultural, festive, sports and social events is part of the wide rage of activities carried out by this delegation.

Nursing delegation of students is located in the left wing, ground floor, of the Faculty of Medicine. Delegates Committee, the delegation's governing body, is made up of the delegates and sub-delegates of the six groups (three courses). Among them, the delegate and sub-delegate of the School are elected, and they are in charge of forming the Permanent Committee, the body responsible for the management of the delegation throughout all the academic year. The Permanent Committee is made up of eleven members, annually elected, that represent, in turn, other subcommittees.

With an advisory and information service available for nursing students, this delegation aims to provide answer to any doubt they may have. If this service is required, you can contact us via phone (868 887153), leaving a voice message with your student information and your doubt, problem or query. Within a maximum period of 48 h we will contact you providing the information or answer requested. All regulations, reports and documents that you may need while you are studying here are at your disposal.

Our delegation provides daily regional press for reading and consulting. It also has a little library where not only can students find nursing books, but also up-to-date  information about university activities. We also provide our students with all the medical supplies they may need during the year.

Every year we organize trips, sports activities and festive events in order to make students from the three courses of the nursing degree live together and share opinions. We protest against what we think is unfair (as the 11-M terrorist attack), and we support and participate in activities such as guided tours for future students from secondary schools. There is no doubt we are alive.
Nursing students delegation is of all and for all. It has a wealth of materials that will enable you to develop all our suggested activities plus those proposed by you.