Facultad de Derecho

The Deanery is composed of the Dean, six vice-deans and a secretary, the people in charge are:

Dean: PhD. D. David Lorenzo Morillas Fernández. Phone: +34 868 88 3392. E-mail: davidm@um.es

Vicedean of Institutional and International Relations and Communication: PhD. D. Juan Ramón Robles Reyes. Phone: +34 868 88 3408. E-mail: jrrobles@um.es

Vicedean of Management and Academic Ordination: PhD. Dª. María Fuensanta Gómez Manresa. Phone: +34 868 88 3257. E-mail: mfgomez@um.es

Vicedean of Quality and European Convergence: PhD. D. Samuel Rodríguez Ferrández. Phone: +34 868 88 9181. E-mail: samuel.rodriguez@um.es

Vicedean of Students: PhD. Dª. Belén García Romero. Phone: +34 868 88 4209. E-mail: belengar@um.es

Vicedean of Economy, Infrastructure and Investigation: PhD. Dª. Carmen Leonor García Pérez. Phone: +34 868 88 3083. E-mail: cgp@um.es

Vicedean of Political Science: PhD. D. Antonio Garrido Rubia. Phone: +34 868 88 8358. Email: agarrido@um.es

Secretary of Faculty: PhD. D. Ángel Cobacho López. Phone: +34 868 88 3028. E-mail: acobacho@um.es

Secretary of Management: PhD. Dª. María Fernanda López Griñán Phone: +34 868 88 3065. E-mail: mflg@um.es

The International Relations Office offers an annual scholarship to a graduated or last-year student for working with the Faculty of Law on international affaires under the direction of the Vice-dean of International Relations:

Scholar collaborator: Phone: +34 868 88 7186 E-mail: sridere@um.es