Facultad de Derecho

The Degrees

The Faculty of Law offers five different Degrees,

Please notice that some of the courses in the Degrees offered by the Faculty of Law depend directly upon departments of different Faculties, the most important example being that of the Combined Honours Degree in Law and Administration and Management, with many courses offered by the Faculty of Economics and Business.

For further information on the content of each subject, please visit: http://www.um.es/web/derecho/contenido/estudios

The Faculty of Law is also active in postgraduate studies. It offers Doctorate or third cycle studies under the supervision of the departments. They begin with biannual programs of specialisation in any particular field of Law, after which a DEA (Diplome of Advanced Studies) is awarded. Following the DEA the candidate must research, write and read their thesis before obtaining a Ph.D. If you hold an undergraduate degree in a foreign University and want to begin Doctorate studies in the Faculty of Law, you must follow the "Procedure of homologation of degrees to realize Studies of Doctorate and Specialization", or if you already have a Ph.D. given by a University other than the University of Murcia or if you have any courses, seminars or works of research and wish to give them validity in Spain, you must follow the "Procedure for the correspondence in the studies of Doctorate and Specialization in Spain". Please visit: http://www.um.es/estudios/doctorado/index.php

Besides the Doctorate studies, the Faculty of Law is constantly developing Independent Postgraduate Degrees and extracurricular studies of specialisation in a wide variety of fields. These and other courses given by other Faculties and Schools of the University of Murcia are available for all students at a special price and even for non-students. Of special interest for foreign students are the courses given by the Service of Languages on Spanish Language and Culture, as well as on other languages from English to Chinese. For further information please visit: http://www.um.es/estudios/oferta-propios.php

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees at the Faculty of Law are not very high due to it being a public institution funded partially by the State. The price per credit ECTS varies depending on the number of years the student has registered on the same course. For the period 2005/2006 they are as follow:

First enrolment: 8.55 € per credit. Second enrolment: 12.41 € per credit. Third and successive enrolments: 18.39 € per credit.

This would make a complete year of 60 to 90 credits cost approximately between 500 and 800 €. Please notice that the participants in any of the programs of exchange with the University of Murcia, as Erasmus, ISEP and ILA, are completely exempt from the payment of tuition fees at the University of Murcia. The Doctorate studies are more expensive. The rest of the courses offered by the Faculty of Law, e. g. Masters and independent degree courses, are not state financed and vary in price, being the price often lower for students that for non-students. For further information please visit: http://www.um.es/estudios/normas-academicas/tasas.php.