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If you are a foreign student and wish to study at the Faculty of Law, you might be in one of the following situations:

I.Be part of an international exchange programme for a fixed period and only to study a part of your Degree, or be part in a specific agreement between your centre of study and our University. This is the case of the Erasmus, ISEP and ILA students among others.

You will be exempt from the payment of tuition fees depending upon the agreement with your University. However you might be expected other payments for the use of the University facilities, such as sport courts or gym, always on the same conditions as local students.

As an exchange student you will have a tutor to help you. This tutor will be a teacher of some department of the Faculty of Law. When the foreign students come to the University of Murcia and appear before their tutor, this one will verify that the contract of studies that the student brings is viable. Any academic problem he will have to communicate to their partner university coordinator for its resolution. To facilitate their process of matriculation in the Faculty of Law, the tutor will complete the document "Proposal of Studies" that includes the subjects that they will take in the University of Murcia.

The incoming student can choose whatever course of any degree offered by the University, even if it is not related to the Law Faculty. For example, students from our partner universities frequently choose courses on Geography, History, Spanish art, or Economics and Business Administration in order to meet the requirements of their combined degrees at their home institutions. The University of Murcia puts no obstacle on incoming students planning their own curriculum as they deem best in agreement with their home tutors.

The International Relations Office gives detailed information on other issues concerning the interests of exchange students.

II.You come as an independent student. You may study at the Faculty of Law if your individual case fulfils one of the following requirements:

1.- You have carried out secondary school level studies in a foreign country following which you would like to begin studying at the University of Murcia.

It is then necessary to follow two steps:

-Have your qualification officially validated by the Spanish Ministry for Education, Culture and Sport:

Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte
C/ Alcalá, 36
Madrid 28071
Tel: +34 91 701 85 00
Fax.: +34 91 506 56 98, 91 506 57 06

-Pass the University entrance tests (PAAU)

This test is called "Selectividad", and is organised by the National Open University (UNED) ( http://portal.uned.es/portal/page?_pageid=93,674429&_dad= portal&_schema=PORTAL ) There are pre-established registration periods according to the country in question and to which examination session is to be set.

For further information please contact

Sección de selectividad de la U.N.E.D.

C/ Senda del Rey, nº 11 - 28040 MADRID - SPAIN-
Telephone numbers: +34 91 398 66 12/13/16 (opening hours: from 9:00 to 14:00)
Fax: +34 91 398 66 79
E-mail: selectiv@adm.uned.es

2.- You have started studies at a foreign university and would like to continue at the University of Murcia.

Modules studied abroad can be validated when the content and class hours are equivalent and comply with the following types of study:

-Studies followed partially in the same discipline that you would like to continue with at the University of Murcia.

-A completed course of study which the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport has not validated but has nonetheless specifically indicated that there exists a possibility of validation of some of the components. (http://www.mecd.es/inf/comoinfo/titextranj/homologacion.html)

If you are from an area whose official language is not Spanish, it is likely you will have to pass a language level test.

If you are interested, you should send an application to study at University to the Rector of the University care of the Secretary of the relevant department of the University you wish to study at.

3.- You have completed studies at a foreign university and have therefore been awarded a University degree by that university.

If you are a foreign student, have a graduate degree (or academic equivalent), awarded by a University or other Higher Education establishment and wish to carry out Doctoral studies in Spain, this can be done in two ways:

-On validation of a foreign degree, carried out in accordance with the Royal Decree 185/1985. Your application must be approved by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. This is a lengthy process as, once your application has been made and the correct documentation is in order, the Ministry of Education, Sport and Culture will submit the report to the University Council who will then inform of their decision within the established timeframe.

-By study equivalence (without the need for a foreign degree to have been previously validated). Your application is made directly to the Rector's Office at the chosen university. On submitting the application, the interested party will be able to enroll for any Doctoral course scientifically related to their university profile.

After this stage, via either of the two ways explained above, you should send your application to register for Doctoral study to the Rector of the University of Murcia and present the documents to:

Negociado de tercer ciclo
C/ Escopeteros, 9, Bajo
Plaza de La Cruz Roja
30003 Murcia (Spain)
Tel: +34 868 88 36 53
Fax: +34 868 88 76 30

Finally, if you choose to contact the Faculty of Law of the University of Murcia, be certain that you will meet the warmest welcome by those who work for it. The Faculty of Law has years of tradition dealing with international affaires and foreign students. The common projects and links between our departments and foreign institutions are extending and deepening each year. We have already a strong international projection, and we are looking forward to broaden it with your participation!

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