Facultad de Ciencias del Deporte


On behalf of all the Students, Professors and Administration and Service Staff of this centre of learning, we are pleased to welcome you to the Faculty of Sport Sciences of the University of Murcia.

In a society that is ever increasingly based on free-time recreational activity and healthier habits, sport, in all its dimensions, has reached the highest level of importance and relevance in today's world. Taking this into account, our faculty has taken on the challenge of increasing our knowledge and understanding and, thanks to our research, of training qualified professional individuals so that their roles have repercussions in an active and healthier society.

For us, the diffusion and external projection of our activities is also no less important.

Through this web page we wish to present our faculty, the activities that we do and the people that make them possible. It also provides access to the necessary tools which facilitate the development of all users.


The faculty began its academic journey in the San Javier campus in 2006 teach the Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences (currently being phased out and revised).

The faculty building was inaugurated on the 9th of December 2009. The Presidency of the Inaugural Act was created by the Chancellor of the University of Murcia, the Mayoress-President of the Hon. Town Hall of San Javier, the Councillor of Universities, Business and Research of the CARM, the Government Delegate for the region of Murcia, the President of the Sports Superior Council and Secretary of State for Sports of the Government Presidency, the Director-General of Universities and Scientific Policies of the CARM, the Director-General of Physical Activity and Sport of the CARM, the President of the Social Council of the University of Murcia and the Dean-Commissioner of the Faculty of Sport Sciences of the University of Murcia.

The Act of Imposition of Grants of our First Promotion occurred on the 15th of May 2010, in which 83 students of the faculty participated.

Currently each year around 100 students enrol for a Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences and around 25 enrol for the Masters of Research in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences.

The educational community is composed of 45 professors, more than 500 students and 10 members of administration and service staff.

Objective / Vision

The official Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences will specialise all those who take the course in aspects related to health, free time and recreation, as well as in aspects related to sport performance, sport management and the teaching of Physical Education (PE) at the corresponding levels of Secondary Education within the educational system.

The professionals trained in this degree will be educated in the treatment of movement from the early years through to old age, with the overall intention of being capable of teaching Physical Education (PE) in Secondary Education, both in the public and private education sectors.

Equally, they will be able to manage and develop physical activity-sport programmes from beginner level up to the high performance sport level and develop this work within the different organizational systems of physical activity and sport that at this moment direct and manage installations and physical-sport programmes.

In addition, with guaranteed quality, the University Masters of Research in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences trains and develops professional researchers specialised in this sector and is a stepping stone before the taking a Doctorate/Ph.D. in this science field.