Charla: VEREFOO: VErified REfinement and Optimized Orchestration

Riccardo Sisto impartirá esta charla el jueves 16 de mayo a las 12:00 en el Salón de Grados de la Facultad de Informática


Network softwarization and virtualization are making networks more and more dynamic, opening the possibility of extremely fast reconfigurations and of enhanced automation in their management. This enhanced dynamism is a great opportunity, for example for prompt reaction to security attacks or to changing demands from users, but at the same time it introduces new challenges, such as how to guarantee that security policies are always correctly implemented and that resources are used efficiently in such rapidly changing systems. This talk will present the current research efforts being made at Polito by the NetGroup (Computer Networks Group) towards a policy-based network management system which can automatically refine security policies into network configurations, providing at the same time formally verified and optimized solutions.