Compiler Optimizations in a Nutshell

Alexandra Jimborean (Uppsala University) - Lunes 5 de junio, 12.00h - Salón de Grados

HORARIO: lunes 5 de junio a las 12:00

LUGAR: Salón de Grados

TÍTULO: Compiler Optimizations in a Nutshell

PONENTE: Alexandra Jimborean is Associate Senior Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at Uppsala University since 2015. She obtained her PhD from the University of Strasbourg, France in 2012, held a post-doctoral position in Uppsala University (2012-2014) and a researcher position within the same university (2014-2015). She was awarded the prestigious Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship offered by Google in recognition of excellent research, along with other 25 distinctions, awards and grants. Her research focuses on compile-time and run-time code analysis and optimization for performance and energy efficiency and on software-hardware co-designs.

RESUMEN: You have probably heard that compilers can make your application run faster. But did you know that compilers can also make the battery of your smartphone or laptop last longer? Truth is, compilers do not simply translate the code from a high-level programming language to machine code. When you compile your code, the compiler actually changes it entirely, that means, the compiler optimizes the code. In this talk, we will take a look at what happens behind the scene, understanding some of the simplest ways in which the compiler makes your program run faster or consume less battery. We will explore compiler transformations that make the code execute in parallel or be more energy-efficient and we will identify some of the strengths and weaknesses of compilers. Whether you are a compiler writer or a software engineer, you will learn how to write compiler-friendly code and fully benefit from the compiler optimizations.

IDIOMA: inglés