Charla: Design of trustworthy AI systems: methodological and ethical issues

Grzegorz Nalepa impartirá la charla el próximo jueves 7 de marzo a las 16:30 en el Salón de Actos de la FIUM


In this talk we will address selected methodological issues related to the design of intelligent systems. We will discuss different approaches to the building of AI and how such systems are embedded in their environment. Then we will move to the broader scope related to to societal challenges, including the ethical ones. We will also emphasize how AI ethics can be misunderstood. Furthermore, we will present the perspective of the explainable AI systems (XAI) which have been widely discussed recently.


Grzegorz J. Nalepa is an engineer with degrees in computer science - artificial intelligence, and philosophy. He has been working in the area of intelligent systems and knowledge engineering for over 15 years. He formulated the eXtended Tabular Trees rule representation method, as well as the Semantic Knowledge Engineering approach. He authored a book "Modeling with Rules using Semantic Knowledge Engineering" (Springer 2018). He co-edited a book "Synergies Between Knowledge Engineering and Software Engineering" (Springer 2018). He co-authored over 150 research papers in international conferences and journals. He coordinates GEIST - Group for Engineering of Intelligent Systems and Technologies (, and cooperates with AGH University and Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland. He is a member of Polish Artificial Intelligence Society (PSSI), IEEE, Italian Artificial Intelligence Society (AI*IA) and KES. His recent interests include context-aware systems, affective computing and explainable AI. Recently he organised two editions of the AfCAI workhop on affective computing in Murcia (2016) and Valencia (2018), and the first edition of the XAILA workshop on explainable AI on the JURIX conference.

Fecha y lugar

Jueves 7 de marzo, 16:30, Salón de Actos FIUM