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why um

Why UM?

Why UM?

Do you want to study in Spain? Are you looking for the best place? The University of Murcia can be your perfect choice! Every year around 1,000 international students from almost 50 countries find in our university the perfect destination to carry part of their studies out.

But what if you don't reach the Spanish language requirements to understand the lessons? Don't worry! We have an intensive Spanish course of 30 hours specially for you before your exchange. Is it not enough? Our Spanish Language and Culture course of 60 hours can help you to improve your level of Spanish during your stay.

For those who are interested in learning more about our language and culture, we offer a Hispanic Language and Culture course of 300 hours.

This variety of academics programmes, the possibility of studying Spanish as a second language, our strategic location, Murcia bustling atmosphere, as well as  our mild weather all year round make the University of Murcia an attractive destination for students, professors and researches from all over the world…come and join us!

The International Welcome Point (IWP) is an entrance to those students, professors, researchers and managers interested in studying or staying at our university. The IWP gives orientation and assistance, before and during the stay at the UMU, in issues such as accommodation, legalization, Spanish courses or telematic access. Moreover, we have the Buddy Programme which eases the integration of international students in the university life and in the Spanish community.

The University of Murcia is a public institution of Higher Education which pursues academic and scientific excellence through an international influence. Its main activities are focused on research, training and cooperation projects, exchange programmes, bilingual education and the promotion of double-degrees. Even though, its origin dates back to the thirteenth century; its establishment dates from 1915, so its first centenary will be in 2015.

It hosts more than 31.000 students, around 1.000 of them international. We offer:

The University of Murcia has 5 different campuses. Each one of them has its distinguishing elements, but all of them have the objective of meeting the global needs of the society and those individual needs of the students. La Merced campus is a historical space with an urban character, it is the origin of the university and it is where are the Arts degrees  are. Espinardo campus is the place where the greater part of the degree and postgraduate studies and research centers are brought together. Medical and Health Studies Campus is located in Ciudad Sanitaria Virgen de la Arrixaca where the students have direct contact with the community. Thanks to the Sports Sciences campus and the Lorca campus the university is present in different places of the Region. The first one is site for Sports Sciences due to its location near the sea and the second for Health Sciences.

Mapa de la UMU

Campus Mare Nostrum 37 /38 is the International Excellence Campus for Higher Education and Research of the University of Murcia (UM) and the University of Cartagena (UPCT). The campus is a joint effort of international organizations, research centres, technology parks, companies and the administration, which seeks to transform the Region of Murcia into a focus of international, high-quality education, science, business and culture in the Mediterranean area.

Guía de la ciudad de Murcia para estudiantes internacionales (ESP/ENG): Murcia, ciudad universitaria, ciudad para vivirla / University city, a city to experiency first-hand

The Region of Murcia lies at the centre of the Spanish Mediterranean coastal arch. In terms of surface area the region of Murcia is the ninth largest of the Spanish autonomous communities. As a result of its intense historical tradition, the reiterative superposition of cultures, its strategic location as a Mediterranean enclave and its transitional character as a border territory mid-way between the Meseta and Andalusia, the Region of Murcia retains innumerable vestiges of the past, making it an ideal meeting-point.

Murcia city:

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